Learning Spanish can change your brain.

Every time you learn something new, you can change your brain. The neural pathways that make up a body of learning get stronger when the memory is retrieved & practiced.   Periodic practice stops forgetting and strengthens retrieved memories.

Research shows that to be effective, learning should be effortful. New research shows that people learn better and retain what they learn when they use these evidence-based strategies:

  • Pre- and post-tests to identify weaknesses as areas of attention.
  • Spaced repetition of key ideas: By recalling the materials over and over it is established in the long-term memory.
  • Use of simple quizzes as a tool for learning. The biggest challenge to learning is a failure to know where your weaknesses are.
  • Understanding the underlying principles or rules of Spanish.


This 10-week Spanish course introduces conversational Spanish basics. The course introduces everyday language and includes activities to practice listening comprehension and speaking.

After completing this course, you will pronounce Spanish words properly so as to make yourself understood; you will be confident introducing yourself and others, asking basic questions, understanding prices, recognizing your favorite foods / allergies on a menu, and conducting brief conversations in Spanish.

All courses uses reference materials, cultural notes, grammar explanations, functions of language, etc. Students will be able to monitor their progress by taking a number of performance tests and a final achievement test.


  • Basic conversational skills and pronunciation work.
  • The alphabet and numbers
  • How to describe your nationality, your likes, your clothes and your family, what time it is, days of the week and months of the year
  • How to describe the different parts of a house, food and shopping

My students are asked to try to understand, even guess, before given a translation, which can be frustrating, but is ultimately more effective for your learning. We produce measurable and lasting results through practice, and we have lots of fun!




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